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    Our BOP recertification service is performed either on site or remotely by the manufacturer's support team.

    We can revitalize your old BOPs in a cost-efficient way by throughout inspection and renewed certificates.

    Service Items

    • Multi-level pressure tests

    • Mental parts flaw detection

    • Wearable parts replacement, etc.


    • New name plate with updated expiration date

    • New certificate of quality compliance

    • Inspection report and records


    Since 1995, we started to provide mud logging services and now more than 60 teams are serving both on-shore and off-shore operation in multiple countries.

    Our professionals have finished over 1100 wells, ranging from 500m to 8408m depth in forms of petroleum, natural gas, coal gas, and shale gas.

    Featured Service Items

    • Fast identification for oil and gas reservoirs, formation fluids

    • Differential chromatograph

    • Automatic prediction of engineering accidents

    • Identification and alarm for harmful & combustible gas

    • Monitoring and evaluation for formation pressure

    • Early Kick Detection, MWD/LWD integration

    • XRF/XRD, QFT II/III, cutting flow meter, source rock analysis

    • NMR analysis, WITS/WITSML, remote data transmission