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    • Compliant with API 6A

    • Bore size up to 7-1/16", max pressure: 15000 psi

    • Metal sealing, super nickel-based alloy port surfacing

    • Quick sand flush out within 5 minutes

    • Field-proven reliable stem packing


    • Full-Bore Thru-Conduit design maximizes service life by eliminating the accumulation of destructive particle

    • Floating slab gate and seats distribute body pressure evenly to minimize body erosion

    • Easy to replace seat rings, body bushings, gate, and stem

    • Metal to metal backseat allows for body pressure containment in case of stem packing leak

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SM Expansion | FGS-W Type

Gate Valve

Cage Type | CH-2A Needle

Choke Valve

Plunger Type | Orifice Type

Choke Valve

Hydraulic | Pneumatic



Casing Head & Spool

Casing Hanger

Tubing Spool & Hanger

Secondary Seal